Injectable steroids

What are injectable steroids? Read it before you start injecting steroids

Injectable steroids are steroids that are injected into your muscle tissue via a syringe. Like oral steroids, injectable steroids will increase your muscle mass, reduce your recovery time, and improve your athletic performance. Unlike orals however, injectable steroids are considered safer as they aren’t as liver toxic, but like orals they also have their own list of pro’s and con’s. 

Common Injectable Steroids Include:

Tren (Trenbolone)
Winny (Winstrol)
Primo (Primobolone)
And more!


The primary benefit to injectable steroids is that it's considered safer on the liver compared to oral anabolics. Because it's going straight into the muscle, it doesn’t need to be digested by the liver first -- making it more liver friendly. Also, depending on the cycle your running, you may only need to administer your anabolics once a week -- making your cycles very convenient.
And finally, since it’s more stable in your bloodstream longer, it’s easier to manage and keep the gains you've gained from your cycle in post cycle therapy.


On average injectable steroids take longer to build up and start taking effect in the body, though once you’ve reached appropriate levels of saturation this can be a pro because it also means having more stable hormone levels over the length of your cycle. Additionally, any one who injects their gear will soon realize they need to alternate injection sites in order to keep down swelling and to keep pain levels low. Finally, if you are afraid of needles, injecting steroids can be more of an inconvenience because of the stress it causes you to administer.


Injectable AAS are considered the gold standard of steroids. Just like with anything though, there are advantages and disadvantages to both injectables and orals. With so many varieties of both orals and injectables, the most important thing you can do is so make sure you know what your goals are -- as the most important advice anyone can give is to plan your cycles carefully! Plan accordingly, make sure you have the right PCT (post cycle therapy), and you can usually mitigate the worst of the bad side effects.

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