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Cypo ® Testosterone

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What is testosterone cypionate ?

Found on the market under various brand names, such as:

  • Testocyp
  • Cypionat 
  • Test C
  • Cypagen
  • Cypiotrex 
  • Testabol

Testosterone cypionate is an injectable form of testosterone, an oil-based solution containing the long-acting cypionate ester. It is very similar to testosterone enanthate but it is a lot more popular on the american market than any other form of testosterone. It is a great muscle mass builder and gives to the users unknown strength capabilities. Testosterone cypionate's long-term action of two-three weeks makes it ideal for long bulking cycles. Giving that testosterone in the male hormone that is naturally produced in male bodies, people generally consider it to be the backbone of every steroid cycle. It is a very versatile steroid and can be used along any other steroid when planning a cycle, depending on each individual's desires and goals. 



When using testosterone cypionate, one should expect the following effects:

- significant increase in muscle mass and strength

- increased levels of sex drive

- fat loss stimulation

- nitrogen optimization

- higher levels of endurance


Recommended doses

In order to benefit from testosterone cypionate's positive effects without having to endure too many of the side effects, users should consider the following advices:

- recommended dose is around 500mg/week. That is a standard beginner dose, and can be adjusted depending on everyone's needs. Experienced users are reportedly taking doses in excess of 1 gram per week, though this might increase side effects, especially presence of water retention.

- excepting the TRT users, which are on a low dose of 100-150mg/week all year round, a testosterone cypionate cycle should last about 10-12 weeks, sometimes it could be longer, depending on user's experience with anabolic steroids and his goal

- having anti-estrogens on hand is a mandatory thing when it comes to testosterone cypionate cycles, such as clomid, nolvadex etc.

- it is always advisable to use Proviron during testosterone cycles 


Side effects

Possible side effects that you may experience during a testosterone cypionate cycles are the following and not restricted to:

- mood changes, such as anger, rage, depression etc.

- too frequent erections 

- deepening of the voice (some may consider it beneficial)

- facial and body excessive hair growth

- hair loss

You should always consult a doctor before starting a steroid cycle and you should follow his advice regarding dosage and perform blood work on a regular basis. That way you will keep track of any changes that may occur in your body and react accordingly.

You should check out our blog article on how to inject steroids, if you are looking for guidance in that respect.


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