Propha ® Testosterone

Propha ® Testosterone

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Testosterone Propionate - 100.00mg/ml
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10ml VIAL

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What is testosterone propionate ?

Popular brand names:

  • Testorapid
  • Test P
  • Propionat
  • Testo P
  • Testo Prop
  • Testabol Propionate
  • Testogen

Testosterone propionate is one of the shortest testosterone esters, but that is not considered a negative characteristic of propionate and it does not make it a less popular among bodybuilders. It is mainly available in injectable form and giving its fast acting nature, it is widely used for cutting cycles or during dry periods, when water retention must be kept under control giving the fact that when bodybuilders approach the final stage of their preparation before contests, water retention is a really undesirable factor. Its active life ranges between 2 to 3 days, therefore testosterone propionate's presence can be felt right from the very beginning of the cycle. This steroid shows impressive muscle mass building and strength improving characteristics, acting very fast in delivering the benefits that users are looking for.



- fast building of muscle mass and strength

- improves nitrogen retention

- boosts IGF-1

- faster recovery

- increased sex drive



Giving its fact acting nature, testosterone propionate requires a high frequency injection rate, everyday or every other day. Regular starting dose is 50mg/day or 100mg EOD. This is only a starting point. Experienced users are injecting 100ED or sometimes even more. That being said, it is worth saying that sometimes the benefits that you get from a very high dose does are surpassed by the side effects you get from that high dose, so it is recommended to carefully plan ahead your cycle and make research before actually starting to inject.


Side effects

Just like any other form of injectable testosterone, propionate comes with a series of side effects. Among them we remind the following:

- Acne

- Hair loss

- Body hair increased growth rate

- Voice deepening

- Agressiveness, rage


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