Supra ® Testosterone 500 Sustanon

Supra ® Testosterone 500 Sustanon

Active substances
Testosterone Mix - 500.00mg/ml
Pack contains
10ml VIAL

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What is Sustanon ?

Other brand names:

  • Sustagen
  • Sustatrex
  • Test-Mix
  • Susta

It is one of the most popular anabolic drugs on the market and it is highly appreciated by consumers. This steroid gained much popularity in the 80s and 90s, with the help of mass-media, which was releasing large numbers of articles about this drug during that period of time.

It is considered to be one of the most advantageous products when it comes to bulking. Among its characteristics we present the following: 

- being a compound that contains four testosterone esters, Sustanon has a synergistic effect. Those four types of esters have different absorption rates, giving consumers the possibility to maintain a constant level of active substance in the bloodstream. 

- injections can be carried out once a week without having to worry about keeping the levels constant, which is considered to be a great advantage compared with shorter esters which may require an EOD (every other day) injection schedule, in order to keep constant levels of active substance in your bloodstream.


Sustanon effects and side effects

Sustanon is mainly used during bulking cycles, when weight gain is the main goal. It is very potent and users achieve easily the desired effects because of its powerful anabolic nature. However, some side effects may occur, among those we remind the following:

- gynecomastia 

- testosterone suppression

- acne 

- increased aggression etc.


Sustanon dosage, cycle length, PCT

One who is looking to obtain maximum benefits from Sustanon use, should consider following a good nutrition plan with high caloric intake, and to keep a tight, intensive training schedule. Effects could to be noticed very soon, such as increase in strength, muscle mass and endurance. 

Cycles should last between 6 and 8 weeks. One can inject once a week, doses of 250 to 500mg. Starting with the second week os Sustanon use, it is recommended to begin using Nolvadex at around 10mg daily, and keep this routine for about four weeks after your last injection.


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