Clomid ®

Clomid ®

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Clomiphene Citrate - 50.00mg/tablet
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What is Clomid ?


Clomid is an oral compound used in the bodybuilding community as a PCT product. It is a synthetic estrogen, and was originally produced for women that have difficulty conceiving a child. For men, Clomid is used to increases the level of hormones that stimulate the testicle to produce testosterone. Clomid have effect directly on the pituitary gland. 

Once an user's body stops receiving exogenous testosterone, levels are decreasing to extremely low figures, which translates to muscle mass loss, libido issues, depression and other issues related to low testosterone levels. Clomid is used particularly for that reason, during Post-cycle therapy. It is highly effective for that purpose, with studies that show that 50 to 100mg/day of Clomid for two weeks will restore testosterone production almost back to its original levels.


Clomid effects

Clomid is successfully used for solving two problems: it blocks the unwanted estrogen effects and it raises the natural production of testosterone. It is considered to be a safe steroid, in regards of adverse effects. Women can use it as well, for achieving a more defined appearance before competitions. 


Clomid dosage

It is advised to start at 100mg/day for the first week and then decrease to 50mg for the second week.


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