Supo ® Aromasin

Supo ® Aromasin

Active substances
Exemestane - 25.00mg/tablet
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50 tablets

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What is Aromasin ?


Aromasin is a powerful oral anti-estrogen. Its active ingredient is Exemestane, which is clinically used in treating breast cancer in women. Given that many steroids have the tendency to convert into estrogen, Aromasin quickly gained popularity among bodybuilders as an effective tools to combat estrogen-related side effects. 


Aromasin Uses

Lots of steroid compounds are notorious for easily converting to estrogen, which generally causes undesirable adverse effects, such as gyno, water retention or increased fat storage. It is believed that Exemestane or Aromasin may even be effective on losing body fat and increase testosterone production, though this should not mean that users should consider using it as a post-cycle therapy drug, being much more suitable and effective during cycles.

Optimal dosage is reported to be between 12.5 and 25mg/day. Given that Aromasin is such a potent anti-estrogen, it is believed that even 12.5mg EOD is a sufficient dosage for smaller cycles. Users should adjust carefully their Aromasin intake, as to little estrogen in the body will in fact reduce muscle mass and it will definitely cause libido issues.


Aromasin Side Effects

This drug may cause a series of adverse effects, which may vary from hot flashes and upset stomach to high blood pressure, therefore it is advised to start with low doses and increase only if needed. Its effects are also long lasting, as it irreversibly binds to estrogen converting enzymes, so users must show extreme caution when they decide taking Aromasin. It is an anti-estrogen that is a lot more suitable for heavy cycles, composed of multiple compounds. It is recommended to be replaced with Arimidex for lighter, shorter cycles.


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