Cytomel ® T3

Cytomel ® T3

Active substances
Liothyronine - T3 - 50.00mcg/tablet
Pack contains
50 tablets

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What is Cytomel T3 ?


Liothyronine Sodium, Cytomel or T3 is hormone drug, actually it is part of the thyroid hormone group, widely used in bodybuilding for cutting purposes. It is a compound suitable for both genders. It is very successful for weight loss, therefore it is mainly used for cutting cycles. It is not a steroid compound and does not posses any anabolic properties.


Cytomel T3 effects

  •     accelerates metabolism
  •     increases body heat levels
  •     fat burning
  •     reduces the need for sleep
  •     better performance and endurance


Cytomel T3 dosage and administration

Users should start with the minimum amount and slowly increase the dose. 25-50mcg/day is a good starting point. Dosage should not exceed 100mcg/day, in order to avoid complications. Cycles should last between 4 and 8 weeks, during which users may use Clenbuterol in conjunction, for better result, though they must show extreme caution and keep the doses on the low side. Before starting a T3 or Clenbuterol cycle, users should consult their doctor and perform analysis, since both compounds are not suitable for people that have cardiovascular medical conditions.


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