Pro ® Anavar 50mg

Pro ® Anavar 50mg

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Oxandrolone - 50.00mg/tablet
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What is Anavar ?


Anavar or Oxandrolone is an oral steroid compound used by athletes and bodybuilders mainly to build qualitative, lean muscle mass and reduce the body fat levels. 

It was first produces in the 60s for medical purposes as an immunostimulator for HIV patients and for treating anemia. In the beginning it was sold under the brand name of Oxandrolone, but since the 80s it started to be named more and more frequently, Anavar. 


Oxandrolone Effects:

  • higher levels of protein synthesis 
  • lean muscle buildup
  • more strength and better stamina 
  • fat burning 
  • anti-catabolic properties


Anavar dosage, cycle, PCT

Avoiding side effects while using Anavar is actually an easy task, given its mild nature. Anavar is considered to be one of the safest steroids available, though a few recommendations should be followed:

  • Maximum dosage for men should not exceed 100mg/day
  • Women can used Anavar without problems, as long as they keep the dosage between 10-30mg/day
  • Users should not stay on cycle longer than 8 weeks


Anavar stacks

Anavar can be easily stacked with other compounds, depending on goal. Users can buy Testosterone or Sustanon for weight gain purposes. Primobolan is also a compound that goes very well in a cycle, combined with Testosterone and Anavar. This combination could be very successful for users who are looking to gain quality, lean muscle mass, while keeping side effects under control. At the end of last week users should take Nolvadex, in order to help restore their Testosterone production.


Anavar Reviews

Most of the Anavar reviews left by athletes are warning of low effectiveness of the compound during weight gain periods. That is mainly because most users have great expectations from a drug which is basically designed for lean mass gains and fat burning, while keeping the adverse effects on the low side, with low toxicity for the liver and no flavoring characteristics. 


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